What is Personal Branding Photography? 

Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as a brand. As social media popularity increased and the rise of the influencer took over, it became more and more apparent that people buy from people – not companies. No longer was it enough to have a jazzy company selling amazing products, people wanted to know the who behind the logo and connect with them on a deeper level. 

Personal branding photography therefor is a carefully curated selection of images used to tell the story of you and your brand. From location choices to colour palettes, Personal Branding photos are carefully styled and crafted to show the people behind the brand as well as the actual product or service that you offer in the way that you want to be perceived. 

Small business owners are not only competing in the marketplace against each other, but against the incredibly short attention span of their audience. As marketers, we need to take advantage of visuals that will attract our audience AND begin a positive connection. 

The Law of Attraction

Personal branding is showcasing to the world exactly how you want you and your brand to be expressed and received. It’s directly putting out into the universe what you want you to attract (aka. The clients you want to attract!) It’s vulnerable and honest, being true to yourself and opening up to allow your customers or clients to connect with you on a deeper level. 

Your branding photoshoot asks you to dive deep – what are you trying to say, what is the message you want your brand to convey? In answering all these questions – and putting them out there, you open yourself up to the Law of Attraction. Simply put, this spiritual principle suggests that like attracts like and positive thinking can usher in a more positive reality. Conveying the message of your brand online and through the correct visual imagery is your way of putting out there the ideal client you want to attract.