romantic cotswold engagement shoot


There’s something truly magical about the Cotswolds, especially when it’s the backdrop for a love story as beautiful as Alex and Andrew’s. Living in America, this lovely couple has always dreamed of a quintessential English wedding. Their vision will come to life at Eastwood Park with a traditional English country garden theme. Just ahead of their much-anticipated wedding, they embraced the charm of the English countryside for their romantic Cotswold engagement shoot. Despite a touch of English rain, we had an unforgettable hour in the stunning gardens, capturing moments filled with love and laughter.

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Embracing the English weather

Rain didn’t stop Alex and Andrew from making the most of their engagement shoot. In fact, Alex was totally prepared with an umbrella that matched Andrew’s suit perfectly! They didn’t just tolerate the rain—they embraced it, turning it into a charming element of their photos. The raindrops added a soft, magical glow to the greenery, making every shot uniquely beautiful. Their playful attitude and spontaneous joy reminded us all that love finds a way to shine through, no matter the weather.

A Special Heirloom

One of the most touching elements of this shoot was Alex’s stunning solitaire engagement ring, a cherished heirloom passed down from Andrew’s grandmother. This beautiful ring symbolizes not only their love but also a deep connection to family and tradition. Seeing Alex wear it with such pride and joy added an extra layer of sentiment to our time together, capturing not just their present love but the legacy of love that came before them.

Looking Ahead to Eastington Park

With their wedding at Eastington Park just around the corner, this engagement shoot was the perfect prelude to their big day. It’s easy to see how their love will illuminate every corner of their wedding celebration, just as it did in the Cotswold Gardens. I feel incredibly honoured to be part of their journey and can’t wait to capture the magic of their wedding day.



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