• Charlotte Burn

Lamb Love

Totally obsessed with lambs! I spent the best part of 2 hours sat on the floor at sunset doing my best lamb impression to capture these little beauts having some fun 😍

When me and MrCB first started living together, we rented a quirky little (cold!) barn conversion and the landlady rented the field that backed on to our garden out to a sheep farmer. We woke up one morning to find lambs - everywhere! We would sit and watch them for hours playing and having fun. I even "accidentally" left the gate into our garden open so they could explore a little more.

Fast forward 5 years and we moved to Broadway - I can hear the sheep from my garden on a quiet day and have the pleasure of walking through them regularly. This evening I had no particular intention of perching myself in a ditch for 2 hours baaa-ing but when we went for our evening quarantine walk and the lambs were so excitedly playing I couldn't resist!

I had a lot of fun capturing these inquisitive little guys. I always love to imagine they are saying a big WOOHOO when they do that little leap! 😂


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