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A Month with Mrs CB - March Photo Diary

Well, not quite the Month any of us had planned with the arrival of COVID-19 😞. So many disappointed couples around the UK right now and I can't blame them at all. Hopefully, we stay in, stay safe and see the back of this CV soon enough! 👊

In the absence of not being able to photograph most of what I had planned this month (I should be in Cardiff right now!), I am afraid my photo diary isn't the most entertaining haha! But none the less, it's a little sneak peek into my "quarantine" life right now!


Luckily, pre lockdown life I managed to help my Momma achieve one of her life goals - seeing the Great Danes at Crufts 😍 My mom is slightly addicted to Great Danes and we always had one (or two!) in the family home until very recently. If you don't know this breed very well you could be forgiven for finding them a little intimidating - they are HUGE. But actually gentle giants and a joy to have. It was safe to say we had lots of happy tears and a pretty awesome early Mother's Day celebration.

Mother's Day

In the absence of actually being able to see my own Momma on the day itself, I spent the day with my own Lil furbaby teaching him new tricks - the long jump! We picked this up at Crufts as a way of keeping his brain going and it worked really well. He is such a smart dog (doesn't get it from me 😂) that we are always on the lookout for new tricks to teach him. Helps he burn some of that super spaniel energy off as well 🙃


I got a new work colleague during lockdown - MrCB. He prefers coffee to tea, listens to talkRADIO 🥱 and doesn't like having his photograph taken whilst working 🙄 Safe to say he is not my ideal work colleague, but he is cute to look at so it has its perks! We opted for a stay sane approach - you work downstairs and I will work upstairs haha!


Just like the rest of the UK on lockdown, we have spent a lot of time in the garden 🌱 We took on probably a lot more then we could handle when we bought this house (garden size-wise) so it has been really lovely to actually have some time to spend sorting it out. The pots have been a nice touch but we have spent most of the time digging out brambles, building borders and stripping years of weed build up off trellising! The big goal now - decide what to do the bottom "wilder" part of of the garden and fix up some veggie boxes 🥕.

Sunset Walks

I have been using my allocated exercise time to make the most of the gorgeous sunsets we have been having thanks to the Spring sunshine 🌇 I have said before landscape photography isn't right up there on my most enjoyed to capture list - it's harder than you think! But with so much gorgeous scenery right on my doorstep, I have had a lot of fun practising and learning ways to capture the beauty of it all better ✨

And that pretty much summarises my March up! Sadly most professional work has had to be postponed so I will make sure I share some more blogs from shoots gone by to keep us all going.

Stay safe, stay at home and try to make the most of the "pause" we have and soon enough, normality will return 🌈

Charlotte x

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