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A Month with Mrs CB - February Photo Diary

Hey, Lovelies!

I recently asked over on social if you guys would like to see more of my day to day pics and the answer was a big fat yes! So as well as sharing some more of those online I have decided to try and keep up with a little personal photoblog once a month AND send an email recap of what I have been up to work-wise out to the subscribers. Talk about making myself busy 🤷‍♀️😆

So without further ado, I invite you to enjoy my first photoblog ~ February 2020....

Phase 1 Complete

We have finally completed phase 1 of our building work! The very last part of this phase was getting the old lead pipe that came into the new extended kitchen switched over to our shiny new blue pipe and what a hassle that turned out to be. Resulting in 3 days without any water and a hell of a hole in the middle of the floor! I turned to wine. Now we have the fun job (🤔) of picking out the new kitchen and maybe getting one room finished in the house.

Romantic Getaway

Valentine's Day involved an extremely wet and windy trip to a little Air BnB in Butcombe. It was the quaintest little wooden hut that was meant to be a great base for some exploring but obviously with the weather we only went out for essential dog walks (and a few drinks of course).


Staying in led to my first ever game of Dominoes! We had so much fun we went and got some delivered when we got home. Can't beat a good old fashioned game. I am a huge fan of board games and MrCB hates most of them but somehow enjoys playing Dominoes. So after 6 years, we have finally found a game we can play together - woo! It was awesome to learn about the Anti-Screen Revolution Jacques has launched - huge fan 🙌

Happy Gotcha Day!

We celebrated having Lil CB for one whole year this month. Obviously used it as a chance for a little mini photoshoot because he is just beautiful. Couldn't ever imagine our life without this little furbaby now keeping me entertained, giving all the snuggles and making sure I get out the house at least once a day 😂

Mindfulness Photography

I have been thinking a lot more about this topic this month. As my business grows (which is fab!) so does the pressure of getting the perfect shot. I am taking time to make sure I counter that pressure with some fun, no stress, out and about photography trips for myself. Embracing nature, colours, textures, lighting and just seeing what I end up with ✨ Taking the time to absorb the moment, I mean really take it in before photographing anything.

In-between the Storms

When the storms finally passed we were all so excited we went for a little stroll through the village. Poor Chester was getting fed up of the bare minimum walks and all the baths. He even gave me a little smile when I told him he wouldn't need one after this walk 😉.

First Snow

And of course today, we had the first snow ❄️ Super eager I was out the door at 6am to try and capture the magic before it had been interrupted but it hadn't actually stuck. So I got a little creative and used it as a chance to play with some different lighting and brush up on my landscape photography. And of course, I took Lil CB out for his first-ever experience of snow 😍...

He always looks so old and wise when he is wet!

Well, that pretty much sums up my personal photoblog for this month. I hope you enjoyed having a little look at what I have been up to in between the professional work?

I hope you have a truly wonderful March and we all have a drier one!

Charlotte xo

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