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7 Tips For Loving Your Engagement Shoot

So you have decided you would like to have an engagement shoot or a pre-wedding shoot as they are sometimes referred to - BRILLIANT! You may have already read exactly why having an engagement shoot is a good idea here and now you want to be sure you get the best photographs possible out of it.

Choose Your Favourite Location

An engagement shoot can be anywhere you and your other half want so why not choose the place that is most special to the two of you? It could be where you first said I love you, where you got engaged, where you are getting married or even something simple like your favourite place to go for a walk together. If your home is your happy place and you feel most comfortable there then why not have it at your home? If you don't quite have a special place or it is a little far to get to, then consider somewhere that reflects you two as a couple. Do you love having fun together - head to the the arcade. Is a country walk your ideal way to spend a Sunday - outdoors with nature it is. You want images that reflect you two so choose a location that does that as well.

Dress For The Location

You may love that silky black dress and kitten heel combo, but if you are having your engagement shoot in the middle of a field you would look a little out of place. Plan your outfit so it fits with where you are having your photographs taken and what you would normally wear. You don't have to be all suited and booted for cute photographs - a comfy pair of your jeans and your favourite knit will work just as well if it more like what you are used to wearing. It is also important to think about the season and match your outfits accordingly. If you have chosen Autumn then warm tones will look beautiful, likewise if you have chosen summer, pastels work really well.

Be Comfortable

No matter what you are wearing, if you don't feel comfortable, it will reflect into your images. Having your photograph taken can be uncomfortable enough as it is and the last thing you want it to be worrying about how your outfit makes you feel. Something you can move easy in, relax in. Think about the types of photographs you want from your shoot - if you love the couples portraits sitting down cuddling on a blanket then chose an outfit that lets you do this easily. It's really easy to want to rush out and get a beautiful new outfit for your engagement shoot, but in my experience your favourite go to's usually work the best. The clothes that make you feel like you, you will love your photographs more for it.

Pick Complimentary Outfits To Each Other

And the last one on outfits - I promise! Try to coordinate with each other as best you can. That doesn't mean you both have to wear matching outfits (unless you want to of course) but think complimenting colour combinations and solid prints. Wearing anything to "busy" can sometimes end up being quite distracting in your photographs. The same can be said for very vibrant and neon colours, oranges and red stand out a lot in photographs and after all you want you two and your love to be the main focus.

Make a Day Out Of It

To ease some of the pressure from your engagement shoot why not make a whole day date out of it. Spend the morning getting ready together, have your favourite breakfast - get excited together. Doing these little things together beforehand will help you both feel more relaxed and looking forward to your engagement shoot instead of letting those nerves start to creep in.

Consider Taking Props

Not essential at all, but they may help you if you are particularly nervous to have something to do with your hands, plus a few little well selected additions can make a super sweet touch to your photographs. This could be little added touches like your favourite bouquet of flowers or a bottle of fizz to celebrate in style. Or you could go big and bring along a picnic or my personal favourite - your pet.

Have Fun

And last but by no means least - remember to have fun with it. These images are for you two to enjoy, to remember this special part of your journey together - this wonderful chapter in the story of you two. Your photographer will help you relax so go with the flow, embrace the moment and enjoy every minute of it!

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