A Touch of Portugal in the Cotswolds 🇵🇹

Marco, originally hailing from Portugal, brought a touch of his homeland to join Rachael, who grew up in the heart of the Cotswolds. It was a delightful fusion of cultures, with Portuguese details adorning various aspects of the wedding – from the enchanting invites with the intricate blue Portuguese pattern to Marco’s stylish suit and the exquisite cake that carried this beautiful motif.

As a wedding photographer based in the picturesque Cotswolds, I have the privilege of witnessing and capturing love stories on couples wedding days. Rachael and Marco’s wedding was a beautiful blend of Cotswold charm and Portuguese flare, and I’m thrilled to share the highlights from this special Cotswold Summer wedding with you. 

Luna, the Furry Supporter 🐶

Rachael was supported in the morning by her sister Tilly, with whom she has a close bond and which was a joy to witness. The morning of the wedding was made a heartwarming scene, with Luna, the family’s black lab, enthusiastically being there with Rachael as she got ready. Her presence added an extra layer of warmth and joy to the preparations.

Cotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding

Becoming the Morris-Martins 👰🤵

The ceremony was a heartwarming moment, where Rachael and Marco officially became Mr and Mrs Morris-Martins. What made it even more special was the presence of their families throughout. Tillie, Rachael’s sister, took on the role of the maid of honour, and there was a beautiful twist to tradition as Rachael’s dad walked her down the aisle, but both her mum and dad formally gave her away when the registrar asked, emphasising the significance of family bonds.


Cotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer Wedding 

Embracing the Unexpected ☔

Sometimes, even the most meticulously planned weddings encounter a bit of unpredictability. After the service, the heavens opened up, and rain started to fall. In true British spirit, the newlyweds sought shelter in the Shakespeare shop, with Rachael’s father quickly coming to the rescue by bringing the car around. The weather soon cleared, allowing for stunning group photos and a magical confetti moment amidst the charming scenery of Childswickham.

Cotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer WeddingCotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding

The Intimate Reception 🍽️

The reception took place at The Childswickham Inn and exuded an intimate and cosy ambience. It was the perfect setting for heartfelt toasts, shared laughter, and memorable moments with friends and family.


Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding

From Cake Cutting to Dance Floor 🍰

The day continued with the traditional cake-cutting ceremony, followed by Rachael and Marco’s first dance as husband and wife. The dance floor was a focal point of celebration, with ‘Disco Dave’ ensuring that everyone had a fantastic time. The Portuguese favourites played, and it wasn’t long before everyone was showing off their dance moves. The first dance was followed by a beautiful ‘Daddy & Daughter dance’.


Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding Cotswold Summer Wedding

Rachael and Marco’s wedding was a testament to love transcending borders and cultures. It was a day filled with warmth, laughter, and the celebration of two families coming together. I was honoured to be their photographer, capturing each moment of this enchanting Portuguese-inspired Cotswolds summer wedding. 

Cotswold Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Venue: Stratford Registration Office
Reception Venue: The Childswickham Inn
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Zara Beautiful Hair & Makeup

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