A bridal party stand outside the wedding venue. It is a winter wedding and the bridesmaids are wearing maroon whilst the groomsmen are in tuxes.


As a luxury wedding photographer, every wedding I have the joy to capture is unique and different from the other, Eleanor and David’s winter wedding at Glenfall House in Cheltenham was no exception. This picturesque celebration, nestled between Christmas and New Year, unfolded like a dream, with each moment weaving a story of the couple and a little Christmas magic.

A Festive Beginning

Glenfall House provides the perfect setting for a Christmas winter wedding, and the anticipation was palpable. Eleanor and David had chosen a timeless palette and the whole day had an understated gracefulness. 

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Elegance in Burgundy and Tuxedos

The bridesmaids radiated in their beautiful burgundy dresses, creating a striking contrast to the groomsmen and groom, who were impeccably dressed in smart tuxedos. The details were meticulously chosen, setting the stage for a day of sophistication and charm.

Personalised Artistry in Every Corner 

Adding an extra layer of personalisation to their wedding, David, the groom, showcased his artistic talents by hand-painting a collection of artwork that adorned Glenfall House. His creations, carefully curated and thoughtfully placed, added a unique touch to the venue, transforming it into a gallery of love and creativity.

Otis: The Beagle Ring Bearer

One unique element that stole the show was the inclusion of Otis, the couple’s beloved Beagle. Otis not only played the role of the ring bearer but also became an integral part of every moment, with the guests enjoying the company of Otis during the day. The “first look” between Eleanor and David, set the tone for a day filled with love and focusing on the couple coming together as one.

Aisle of Love

Walking down the aisle together, the couple was greeted by Otis, wearing his own tuxedo, who was patiently waiting for them. The symbolism of their union, surrounded by loved ones and their furry friend, was a heartwarming sight making all the guests smile. 

winter wedding with dog

Musical Serenade and Formal Elegance

As formal photos were captured, a string quartet provided a melodic backdrop, enchanting guests and adding a touch of class to the day. The blend of nature’s beauty and the formality of the occasion created a visual feast for the lens with the venue inside and outside creating a magical atmosphere for the wedding day.

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Connie, Colin, and Tradition

The cakes were not just desserts but reflections of the couple’s personalities. Connie and Colin Caterpillar Cakes stood alongside a traditional cutting cake, a sweet representation of tradition and whimsy.

Cigars, Sparklers, and Dance

The evening festivities kicked off with a unique blend of “Cigars and Sparklers,” setting the stage for a memorable celebration. The first dance illuminated the dance floor, marking the beginning of a night filled with laughter, joy, and celebration.

winter wedding with sparklers

Capturing Eleanor and David’s winter wedding was a privilege, and every frame tells the story of a magical day filled with love, laughter, and the timeless beauty of winter. As a luxury wedding photographer, it’s these moments that make the journey truly special, and I am grateful to have been part of such a stunning celebration.