Picture a quintessential English summer’s day in the heart of Worcestershire’s stunning Cotswolds. The sun bathes the countryside in a warm, golden glow, and the air is filled with the fragrance of blooming flowers. It’s the perfect backdrop for an elegant Summer wedding.

Starting with the timeless and traditional church wedding and ending with a luxurious marquee reception. This is the story of Becky and Ben’s wedding day at St Giles, Bredons Norton.

The marquee captured from the drone above ready for an ELEGANT SUMMER WEDDING The inside of the marquee is laid up ready for an ELEGANT SUMMER WEDDING Elegant wedding stationery lies on the wedding breakfast table showcasing the delicious menu

Becky and Ben

Becky and Ben took their own distinct paths as they prepared for their big day. Becky chose the tranquil Eade Estate nearby as her wedding preparation spot, surrounded by her bridesmaids and family. It was a setting filled with laughter and shared moments. In contrast, Ben decided to get ready at the family home, overseeing all the final details to ensure everything was in perfect order for this elegant summer wedding.

Becky looked stunning in her Trumpet-fit wedding dress, which hung gracefully off her shoulders, adding a touch of elegance to her look. Meanwhile, Ben opted for the classic wedding tails, exuding sophistication and tradition.


A bride and her bridesmaids laughing together at this ELEGANT SUMMER WEDDING

The bride and groom at this elegant summer wedding

the bride and groom share a kiss during this elegant summer wedding The bride and groom are wlaking hand in hand and laughing through a confetti tunnel at this elegant summer wedding.

The Touches That Made the Day

Arriving in Style: Becky arrived at the church in a car that held a special place in her heart – her dad’s pride and joy. This sentimental touch added an extra layer of love and connection to the day. And let’s not forget Jelly, the beloved family cat, who made a few cameo appearances in the wedding photos, adding a playful and heartwarming touch to the proceedings.

A classic MG for wedding transport in the elegant summer wedding in the cotswolds

Sweet Simplicity: The wedding cake was a delightful surprise – an M&S Colin & Connie cake. It reminded everyone that love is sweet, simple, and, in this case, absolutely delicious.

A Living Memory: Before the evening festivities began, there was a touching tree-planting ceremony. Becky and Ben planted a tree as a symbol of their growing love and commitment, and it will stand as a living reminder of their special day for years to come.

Sparkling Moments: The night sparkled, not just with love, but also with sparklers. After the first set by the band, guests lit sparklers, creating a magical atmosphere that illuminated the joy and laughter shared by all.

The Dance of a Lifetime

One of the most unforgettable moments of the evening was Becky and Ben’s first dance. It was no ordinary dance; it was a choreographed routine that left everyone in awe. Becky dazzled in her evening dress, and together, they moved gracefully, expressing their love and personalities through each step. It was a dance that mirrored their journey – beautifully unique.

Becky and Ben’s summer wedding at St Giles was a true fairytale come to life. Their commitment to making every moment personal and meaningful shone through in every detail, from the cherished car to the playful cat, Jelly, and the tree that will grow alongside their love. As the night sparkled with sparklers and the dance floor filled with love, it was clear that their journey together was just beginning.

Becky dances on the dance floor edited in stunning black and white for this elegant summer wedding in the cotswolds The bride and groom walk hand in hand during golden hour at this elegant summer wedding.   The bride and groom walk through this scenic Cotswold village for an elegant summer wedding Jelly the cat makes an appearence with the bride and groom during this elegant summer wedding in the cotswolds The groom poses in his tails with Jelly the family black cat for this elegant summer wedding. The bride and group pose with the grooms parents for a formal family photograph during this elegant summers wedding.

The enchanting music of The Flintlocks band added the perfect soundtrack to their love story. It was a day filled with laughter, love, and promises of a future together with the couple announcing a move halfway across the world to Dubai for work.

Elegant summer wedding drinks reception elegant summer wedding marquee reception

Becky and Ben embarked on their new adventure together, but their wedding day will forever remain a cherished chapter in their love story. It was a day where tradition met creativity, and love prevailed in every way imaginable – a day to remember in the heart of the Cotswolds.


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